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David has a keen eye for quality fabrics. Through his natural talent and frequent trips to Europe, he can find the perfect fabric to suit your space. Whether you want modern, contemporary, classic, minimalist, abstract, eclectic, or something entirely different, he can create gorgeous drapery and window coverings to pull the whole room together. Using his shop-at-home service, he can show samples and provide ideas for colours, patterns, and textures to match your personal tastes and enhance your home’s look and feel.


Re-decorating doesn’t have to mean buying all new furnishings. Through the use of colour, pattern, and texture, David can give your furniture new life by reupholstering it. Update those old couches, chairs, and ottomans instead of spending money on brand new items.


Moving into a new home but have no clue how to decorate? If you don’t have the time to shop around, or even know where to begin, David A. B. Bailey Interiors can help. A new home is a blank canvas – so you’re free to be as creative as you like! By talking with you to get to know your tastes and preferences, David can offer a complete decorating plan to make your new house feel like home!


Not sure the best configuration for your furnishings? Does your space seem crammed and cluttered, or too cold and empty? Sometimes you just need an expert to help you plan your space better. This service seems small, but can make a huge difference!


Renovating your home allows you to start fresh with new décor. While contractors plan your major renovations, David can help you come up with a new decorating concept that includes drapery, furniture placement, upholstery, and more!


When selling a home, you want rooms to look homey but not cluttered. Hiring a professional to stage your home is a great way to highlight the best features, while still allowing the buyer to imagine themselves living there. David can make your house ready for the market, and even help you decorate your new home once you move!

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